Sunday, July 17, 2016

Teiid 9.0.2 Released

The 9.0.2 fix release is now available.  This addresses 10 issues since 9.0.1:
  • [TEIID-4304] - Correct handling with subquery in on clause
  • [TEIID-4311] - Teiid Admin Api not support to create XA datasource on Jboss server.
  • [TEIID-4321] - VDB Validation is showing warnings, but failing deployment
  • [TEIID-4324] - TEIID30019 Unexpected exception for request ... java.lang.AssertionError: Batch not found in storage
  • [TEIID-4325] - ASSERTION FAILED: expected reference to be not null
  • [TEIID-4335] - No buffer when close is called
  • [TEIID-4338] - Hana and Vertica should be marked as requiring a source
  • [TEIID-4339] - Hot Rod ExecutionFactory name misspelled
  • [TEIID-4342] - loadMatView afterLoadScript error when calling a function
  • [TEIID-4336] - Errors in logs during server shutdown
A special thanks to Bram Gadeyne for identifying TEIID-4324 and to Mark Tawk for highlighting TEIID-4325 and TEIID-4342.

 Next up will be the 9.1 Alpha2 release by the end of the week.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Teiid 8.13.6 Released

The 8.13.6 fix release is now available.  This addresses 11 important issues:
  • [TEIID-3685] - org.teiid.padSpace does not affect to the "IN" operator
  • [TEIID-3815] - Oracle translator - OFFSET function does not work
  • [TEIID-4244] - Assertion failed error when joining duplicate rows to a table from other source
  • [TEIID-4248] - Build change for 8.13 caused the release notes to miss the version replacement
  • [TEIID-4260] - Accumulo: Resource adapter fails to load
  • [TEIID-4262] - Wrong result (empty or NULL) with an view and a single disjunction for join criteria
  • [TEIID-4280] - NPE in RuleMergeVirtual when running a query with nested CTEs
  • [TEIID-4287] - An exception is thrown by PostgreSQL when nested CTEs are pushed down
  • [TEIID-4290] - Rollback to savepoint should be a no op
  • [TEIID-4320] - Costing calculation issues
  • [TEIID-4324] - TEIID30019 Unexpected exception for request ... java.lang.AssertionError: Batch not found in storage
This is likely the second to last fix release for 8.13.  Expect an 8.13.7 in about a month and for fix releases to continue on 9.0.x after that.


Sunday, July 3, 2016

Teiid 9.0.1 Released

The 9.0.1 fix release is now available.  This release addresses 13 issues including several issues related to WITH clause processing that were found by Salvatore R.:
  • [TEIID-3685] - org.teiid.padSpace does not affect to the "IN" operator
  • [TEIID-3771] - Teiid throws an NPE while executing query with nested subquery IN predicate
  • [TEIID-4272] - NPE when CTE and subuquery without a WITH clause are pushed together
  • [TEIID-4273] - With clause used in evaluatable subquery in a fully pushed user query is seen as missing temp table
  • [TEIID-4276] - Default for max sessions not consistently updated
  • [TEIID-4280] - NPE in RuleMergeVirtual when running a query with nested CTEs
  • [TEIID-4283] - External Materialization interleaving loads SYSADMIN.loadMatView
  • [TEIID-4287] - An exception is thrown by PostgreSQL when nested CTEs are pushed down
  • [TEIID-4288] - Cancel method against a socket based jdbc query can wait for synch timeout
  • [TEIID-4290] - Rollback to savepoint should be a no op
  • [TEIID-4304] - Correct handling with subquery in on clause
  • [TEIID-4310] - Sessions can not be shown in web-console runtime sub-panel
  • [TEIID-4312] - INNER and LEFT joins of CTEs fail or return incorrect results
Expect an 8.13.6 release to follow in a couple of days.

Steve Hawkins

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Teiid 9.1 Alpha1 Released

Teiid 9.1 Alpha1 has been posted.  This is expected to be a typical 3 month feature release cycle with pre-releases about every two weeks.  So far in Alpha1 you'll find:
  • TEIID-4243 BatchUpdateException support in JDBC to indicate what part of batch succeeds when a failure occurs.
  • TEIID-4191 NO QUOTE option for TEXTAGG.
  • TEIID-4200 Moved to WildFly 10 as host environment
WildFly Upgrade

We chose to stick with the Teiid 9.x release series even with the platform update since we not introducing Teiid centric feature changes and this by itself will not be a breaking change for most.  However the WildFly 10 upgrade does mean that JRE 1.8+ is required for both the server and embedded.  Teiid 9.0 will be supported for an extended period to provide a JRE 1.7 compatible platform.  Other know issues:

TEIID-4306: xa datasource create cli not work
TEIID-3834: start/stop of a data source or resource adapter requires a restart (somewhat worse behavior than WildFly 9 from our perspective)

Teiid Designer

A Teiid Designer release should be available shortly that is compatible with WildFly 9 and Teiid 8.13.x with partial support for Teiid 9.0.x.  A Teiid Designer release compatible with WildFly 10 is TDB.  The tooling team has several irons including refinements to the OpenShift web UI and the Komodo project - so anyone with an interest in tooling work should contact their community.

Coming Soon to 9.1

TEIID-3617: Provide an option to Limit per user based connections
TEIID-3754: OData V2 service removal
TEIID-4000: Data Expand support
And much more...


9.0.1 is due out later this week, and as mentioned above we'll keep supporting 9.0.x for an extended period.


8.13.6 is due out next week.  At this point only critical/blocker fixes will make it into 8.13.x.

As always thanks for all the community support,

Monday, June 13, 2016

Teiid 9.0 Released for WildFly 9.0.2

Teiid 9.0 is now available -  While slightly longer than expected, this release addresses a large number of issues - 273 - of which the vast majority are fixes.

Like 8.13.x, Teiid 9.0 is based upon WildFly 9.0.2.  The downloads page contains a consolidated download with WildFly 9.0.2 + Teiid 9.0.0 + Teiid Web-Console 2.7.0.  You may also choose to use Docker image on Docker Hub

It is important to consult the migration guide even if you are already on 8.13 to ensure a smooth transition.  Even though there are relatively few large features, there are some breaking changes - and not all provide backwards compatible options.

The community web site documentation page has been updated to reflect our conversion to GitBook.  We'll be working on converting the quickstarts into this documentation set as well.

  • TEIID-3601 Large row counts internal tables and source queries are no longer limited to max integer rows. However update counts, count aggregate values, user result sets, etc. are still limited to max integer.
  • TEIID-3792 Array Quantified Comparisons can be used to search array values - for example expression = SOME (array_expression)
  • TEIID-3462 Semantic VDB Versioning can be used in the VDB name and connection string, rather than the simple integer version. See the Reference for more.
  • TEIID-3849 Cassandra Update Improvements for bulk/batch updates and asynch processing.
  • TEIID-3869 Additional geospatial support for Geoserver integration with Teiid.
  • TEIID-2476 Data role metadata filtering to omit non-accessible objects from system tables.
  • TEIID-4076 Improved autoCommitTxn detect to prevent unnecessary transactions.
  • TEIID-4084 Allowing for with clause inlining to improve performance.
  • TEIID-3725 JDG Cache/DSL Translator added cache swapping feature to support external materialization.
  • TEIID-3810 JDG Cache/DSL Translator upgraded support for JDG 6.6
  • TEIID-3520 Swagger Translator for calling REST services defined by Swagger.
  • TEIID-4202 Lateral join and procedure pushdown support for targeted sources.
9.x Work

You should expect a 9.1 in about 3 months.  It will primarily target updating to WildFly 10.  We will also be continue working on making materialization easier to use with JDG and other external sources.

8.13.x Work

There will likely be an 8.13.6 and 8.13.7 - but with the release of 9.1 we will stop supporting the 8.13 branch.

Thank you to everyone who helped bring issues to light.  If one of your issues does not seem fully addressed, please let us know.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

9.0 CR2 Released

We continue to narrow in on the 9.0 release.  CR2 addresses about two dozen issues since CR1.  Use maven or our downloads page.  The final release should be ready in about one more week.  Please let us know if you find any critical issues in CR2.

The 9.1 release effort has also begun, so if there are any issues that are a high priority for you, please vote or comment on them.

Thanks again for all of the community support,

Friday, June 3, 2016

8.13.5 Available

Teiid 8.13.5 is now released. 8.13.5 addresses 15 issues since 8.13.4:
  • [TEIID-4104] - FORMATTIMESTAMP function is not correctly pushed down when a column is passed as FORMAT argument
  • [TEIID-4175] - Certain nested dependent join structure will cause fewer results than expected
  • [TEIID-4192] - If a column is blank the TEXTAGG function excludes it from the output
  • [TEIID-4207] - Limit pushdown is incorrect for simpledb
  • [TEIID-4211] - Wrong rewriting of CTEs when pushed down to PostgreSQL
  • [TEIID-4214] - Null pointer exception with trace log
  • [TEIID-4221] - HANA translator: incorrect pushdown of week function
  • [TEIID-4223] - Hana translator: incorrect pushdown of QUARTER function
  • [TEIID-4224] - HANA translator : incorrect pushdown of DAYOFWEEK function
  • [TEIID-4225] - HANA translator : DAYNAME function is not pushed
  • [TEIID-4226] - HANA translator: boolean type converted to tinyint in each convert
  • [TEIID-4235] - dynamic sql recursion check not valid after caught exception
  • [TEIID-4237] - INNER JOIN returns incorrect results
  • [TEIID-3600] - DB2 - error getting substring if "from position" is out of range
  • [TEIID-4241] - Remove dependencies used for embedded examples
Thanks again to those who reported issues including community users Salvatore R and dalex dalex.